Looking For A Super Fast Browser For Windows XP? Why Not Simply Upgrade Your OS?

upgrade your OS


Among the types of operating software Microsoft has launched, Windows XP holds a dear spot for several PC users. Since its release in October 2001, the OS has climbed to the top, becoming one of the most popular among the general public.

And what’s not to love about Windows XP? It’s simple and it gets the job done. If you are going to use your computer mainly for clerical work and for browsing the Internet, the OS can perform these tasks adequately. Another reason why people still cling to the OS is that many of the issues and glitches that have been found in Windows XP can be easily remedied with a cursory search on the Web. You’ll find numerous websites and forums detailing ways to remedy these issues without needing professional tech support. Of course, when you’re talking about the ubiquity of the OS, particularly among government agencies and schools, you have to factor in the cost of an upgrade. Simply put, many institutions still favor the use of this dinosaur of an OS over later versions like Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 for practical and financial reasons. Upgrading can definitely cost a pretty penny, and why upgrade when the OS still gets the job done?

However, if you are still clinging to Windows XP, either for nostalgia or for financial reasons, Microsoft wants you to upgrade to another OS. In order to encourage users to upgrade, Microsoft has cut technical supports and security updates for XP last April 8, 2014. Why should you consider upgrading to a new OS? Basically, using an out-dated software leaves you vulnerable to malware and cyber-attacks.

If, for one reason or another, you cannot replace your OS, your next best recourse would be to gain more utility from it, including finding a super fast browser for Windows XP. Among the top contenders for being a super fast browser for PC that XP users should look into are Google Chrome 3, Apple’s Safari, Opera and Firefox.

Again, it cannot be understated that you really need to upgrade your operating system, especially if you put a premium on security. Finding a fast browser for your PC is only a short term hack and will definitely leave your computer and data vulnerable.

The easiest way to upgrade is to simply buy a new computer or laptop with an OS installed. On the other hand, if your computer can still support the demands of a newer OS version, it is worthwhile to simply upgrade your software.

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